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I Now Pronounce You… Not Guilty I Now Pronounce You… Not Guilty
It's Finally Here. Armand's first book containing material from 5 of his Inspirational talks and more, Including: An Attitude of Gratitude; I Now Pronounce You Not Guilty,; Learning How to Feel; Getting High on God; and Turn The Other Cheek. It also includes an 8 Song Companion CD as well. This is a dream come true.
ForEveR ForEveR…
Our 13th, and quite possibly last, and most eclectic vocal album, containing 14 wonderfully produced songs ranging from Broadway, to Classical, to Native Flute, to sing-a-longs and chants, to emotional original ballads and even an Irish jig.
Kissed by an Angel… Again Kissed By An Angel… Again
An angelic mystical journey through a variety of World New Age soundscapes. This new edition combines the magic of our debut album with updated versions of several of our most popular songs as well as a few new compositions.
The Age of Aquarius - Peace, Love and P'opera The Age of Aquarius
12 arrangements of P'opera songs including, Aquarius, Hallelujah, Earth Song, Can You Feel the Love Tonight, Ode to Angelina and Pie Jesu plus originals and Classical remakes.
It's Not The End… It's Not The End…
Chants and more featuring Heart of The Mother, O Mani Padme Hum, Nam Myoho Renge Kyo and Bonus Track OK In The End inspired by The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.
Ostara: Reiki Love Meditation Reiki Love Meditation
A 60 minute composition suited for Reiki treatments, meditation, yoga and massage
A Time For Us A Time For Us
World P'opera Overture-a fusion of world, classical and popular influences designed to harmonize and unite humanity.
Sacred Flute Journeys Sacred Flute Journeys
Giving voice to the sound of the wind, while transforming into songs of beauty.
Our Neverending Story Our Neverending Story
Armand and Angelina's 2nd P'opera Cd and their most fully self expressed music. Enjoy their new sound that took a decade to birth with many of their most popular performance songs.
Sing The Secret Sing The Secret
12 original songs affirming the Law of Attraction featuring narrative quotes from Rhonda Byrnes phenomenal book and DVD, "The Secret".
I'm a Disney Freak I'm a Disney Freak
A compilation of 22 of Armand's most beloved compositions.
Native Flute Play Along CD in A-Minor Native Flute Play Along CD in A-Minor
10 background tracks for you to play your Am Native Flute with. These songs willl inspire you to be more creative and help you to explore new rhythms.
Hotter Than Ever Hotter Than Ever
Armand and Angelina recorded live at the Unity of Chirstianity.
Harmony Pendant
The Harmony Pendant was designed by Reverend Doris Hoskins, an Ordained Unity Minister, to focus attention on the many similarities that exist in the truths expressed in all religions. The Surgical Stainless Steel Harmony Pendant is perfect for those who are looking for something nearly indestructible and corrosion resistant. It will provide you years of wearing pleasure. It measures 22.5mm x 47mm and weighs 1 ounce. It comes with a 2mm, 20" stainless steel chain.
Angelina's Egyptian Scarves
scarves image
Black with:
Royal Blue with:
Turquoise with:
Red with:
Orange with:
Purple with:
Prints: please call (407) 695-2097 for details
Animal prints: please call (407) 695-2097 for details
Native Flutes
Aromatic Cedar Sparrow Hawk Aromatic Cedar Sparrow Hawk
(Key Am) (20" long)
Aromatic Cedar Sparrow Hawk Aromatic Cedar Sparrow Hawk
w/turquoise inlay
(Key Am)
First Hawk in Sapnish Cedar First Hawk in Spanish Cedar Flute
(Key A)
Crow Flute Crow Flute
(Key Am)
Cedar (Key Em) Cedar
(Key Em)
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