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I am so delighted to offer these beautiful scarves to you. They are classic and elegant. You will feel like a radiant being when you wear one. The weight of the beads makes it feel like you are being hugged by angels. I love my scarves. You will love yours, too.

Angelina with scarf

Details about the scarves:

  • All scarves are hand made in Egypt. Over 40 hours of work on each scarf.
  • Beads are crocheted on with durable fine yarn.
  • Triangular shape. Average scarf size: 46"x22"x22".
  • Made of 60% silk and 40% cotton
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Many colors are available:

  • Black - with silver, gold, iridescent, or black beads
  • Purple - with silver, gold, iridescent beads
  • Royal Blue - with silver, gold, iridescent beads
  • Red - with gold or red beads
  • Turquoise - with silver or turquoise beads
  • Orange - with orange beads
  • Many other beautiful colors
  • Animal Prints
  • Prints in various colors

Order your new exquisite Egyptian Scarf for $95.00

scarves image

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"Dear Angelina,

I purchased one of your scarves at the ULC! It always make me feel wonderful when I wear it. I am a "Domestic Goddess" (aka "Stay-at-home-mom"), and on those rare days that are a little "overwhelming", I'll throw my scarf on just to wear around the house! It instantly makes me feel better! Like getting a hug from the angels.

Blessings of Peace and Love to you! I look forward to seeing you again at the ULC this year!"

.Sally Richard
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